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I am still trying to understand the reasoning behind the NFL fining Jon Bostic’s hit on the WR from the Chargers.

You play “tackle” football and this doesn’t look like a head-hunting viscous attack but rather a guy tackling the guy with the football. Seems to be what the sport is about.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, this fine makes up 5% of Bostic’s entire salary. Just seems crazy to me and I have a feeling we will see a lot of this during the season.

What is the game turning into?

Yes I am a huge Bears fan, but this still seems off.

How long have you been reading my blog? How long have you known me? Well, it probably doesn’t take to long to figure out that I am a Chicago boy at heart, even though I am loving life in Michigan.  Growing up in Illinois, I have been a Cubs & Bears fan for as long as I can remember. I can still vividly remember hot summer days, where I would come into the house after playing outside and while soaking in the A/C, I would hear Harry Carey calling the game on the TV. There is nothing like Cubs games in the summer time!

As an avid Cubs fan, I love these videos! And the Cubs are far better! :)

Nike Hits the NFL

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Did you watch the NFL Draft last night? If you were joining in during the first hour, you would have seen that there were no commercials. This was due to the fact that Nike, GMC, and Bud Light had sponsored the event so they made it a lockdown on commercials all while owning the first 10 min with coverage pointing to them as sponsors and their own commercials.

One particularly stood out to me, Nike.

As you may know, Nike took over the contract for NFL jersey’s this year and are beginning to reshape the look of different teams. Nike had already impacted the landscape of college jersey’s with the ever changing Oregon Ducks. So how does Nike launch into this avenue? With a killer commercial that features some of the lightly changed jerseys and the impact of subtle hints at what is to come.


Be on the lookout for some teams that will probably change their look in the coming future!


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As Chicago Bears fans (and Detroit Lions too) prepare for tonights game.. lets just visit a few memorable videos to get us ready as well as what we will hear when they reach the end zone!

Bear Down!!!!

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Its a new NFL Season and I look forward to this year (and I am nervous for the Bears) but i hope that at the end of the season, we see a replay of this..

For a more clear version..

I feel almost  guilty calling my site a “blog”. As of late, I have just posted a lot of videos and links, but not a whole lot of writing from me. This is a mode that has lately made me feel a bit sad! I have never been a strong writer but the more I dive into it the better I get; or at least that is what I hear. But either way, it is a growing passion for me to share thoughts through words, either spoken and in writing. I tend to move towards the route of writing because I don’t have the time to edit video all the time! hahaha

Tonight, I thought i’d just write some random thoughts flowing out of my mind. Be forewarned.

The changing of the guard. 

Last night, the story broke that Steve Jobs had officially stepped down as CEO of Apple. While some people are freaked out because they have concern about the future of Apple and seemingly have concern only for future Apple products. While, there is no doubt that Steve Jobs has carried the DNA of what makes Apple who they are, there is a greater issue here; Steve Jobs’ health. I have never met Steve Jobs and unless some freak of nature event takes place, I will never meet him. This doesn’t change the saddening fact that he has to step away from something that he loves so dearly. To see him step away, must really be telling of his health condition.

A few months ago, video hit the internet of him presenting to the city board of Cupertino with the plans to build the Apple “mothership”. This presentation was a day after he spoke at WWDC. You have to admit that, if you saw the video, he looks and sounds incredibly frail. Jobs stepping down has brought about a changing of the guard at Apple. The corporation will go on but its a change that is a move that has Jobs end at the top of his game. There is no better way to go out, if only Brett Favre would have taken the same path.

Cooler breezes means hotter times. 

The “fall like” temperatures are right around the corner which means one thing, football! College football, pro football, and Arm Chair QB football. I have to say that this is the best time of year! You can argue with me that summer time is the greatest, but as a lifetime Midwesterner, you can’t get better times than what will come between September-Early November. The hotter times come in because the fun that football brings amongst friends. Being a Bears fan in Lion’s territory creates some fun atmosphere and bantering. Go Green!

Developing a storyline

It has been a lifelong dream, and will probably take a lifetime to see it take place. I want to get to the place of writing a book or screenplay. I began working on an outline the other night for my next big writing adventure. The previous projects have all fallen short due to that pesky little thing called attention deficit disorder. Granted, I have never been “officially” tested for it but have been advised that I show “tendencies” of ADD. Needless to say, other things came up and I didn’t get that done! ;)

The story will go on and I will work my butt off to get through this full storyline and see what happens!

The Wrap

That is it for tonights writings. Not to inspiring but more of an exercise for me to take the time to write once again. Have a great night and dive into that hobby that you greatly enjoy. Take the time to do it. We will all benefit from it!

This visual does a great job on a topic that brings huge irritation to me. I know they are trying to figure out money between owners and players but how does it affect local communities and people who have made their livelyhood from this industry?

Please figure it out so we can have a good fall! ;)

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