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This video is hilarious!

“This C is for Chicago”

Love it! Go Cubs!!


We are deep into the post season of Major League Baseball. The Tigers and Rangers are slugging it out in one division while the Brewers and Cardinals are fighting for a spot in the World Series. A dirty little secret has been released about the use of baseballs in the league. Check it out.

What an incredible insight to what they do in the league to add a little something to the balls to add safety. It even has quite a bit of science behind the method.

Lena Blackburne Basaeball Rubbing Mud


If you have been watching the news or ESPN in the last few days, you will have heard the story of Shannon Stone who went after a ball in the Texas Rangers game, who fell over a railing and died. This ball had been tossed in their direction from Josh Hamilton, after Mr. Stone had been yelling for him to throw a ball in their direction. This is a terrible situation for the Stone family, the Hamilton family, and the Rangers organization. Ever since I saw this story on WXYZ on Thursday night, my heart has been wrenched over this whole situation. Then when I found out it was from a ball thrown from Hamilton, I was blown away by the huge impact that this will have on him.

I write this today as a fan of Hamilton and asking that everyone be praying for him. This has huge potential to be a debilitating situation for any person. Hamilton has had rough times in life and has had successes. Check out his story here:



So.. I ask you to take a few minutes each day and pray for Hamilton. There are a lot of people who need prayer each day as well, which you should support them as well, but I ask for this because he has an incredible platform where kids are looking at him as a role model and to see how a man works through hard times. They see too many bad examples but I believe Hamilton can be a REAL man in the situation.

Got Heeeem!

Bryan Willmert —  June 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

How often do you find a show that holds many of the things that you endure and find wonderful?

Where else can you get the greatness of the city of San Francisco, the whit of Brian Wilson, and the overall antics of following a baseball team around?

I am ready!