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I am still trying to understand the reasoning behind the NFL fining Jon Bostic’s hit on the WR from the Chargers.

You play “tackle” football and this doesn’t look like a head-hunting viscous attack but rather a guy tackling the guy with the football. Seems to be what the sport is about.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, this fine makes up 5% of Bostic’s entire salary. Just seems crazy to me and I have a feeling we will see a lot of this during the season.

What is the game turning into?

Yes I am a huge Bears fan, but this still seems off.

How long have you been reading my blog? How long have you known me? Well, it probably doesn’t take to long to figure out that I am a Chicago boy at heart, even though I am loving life in Michigan.  Growing up in Illinois, I have been a Cubs & Bears fan for as long as I can remember. I can still vividly remember hot summer days, where I would come into the house after playing outside and while soaking in the A/C, I would hear Harry Carey calling the game on the TV. There is nothing like Cubs games in the summer time!

As an avid Cubs fan, I love these videos! And the Cubs are far better! :)

Nike Hits the NFL

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Did you watch the NFL Draft last night? If you were joining in during the first hour, you would have seen that there were no commercials. This was due to the fact that Nike, GMC, and Bud Light had sponsored the event so they made it a lockdown on commercials all while owning the first 10 min with coverage pointing to them as sponsors and their own commercials.

One particularly stood out to me, Nike.

As you may know, Nike took over the contract for NFL jersey’s this year and are beginning to reshape the look of different teams. Nike had already impacted the landscape of college jersey’s with the ever changing Oregon Ducks. So how does Nike launch into this avenue? With a killer commercial that features some of the lightly changed jerseys and the impact of subtle hints at what is to come.


Be on the lookout for some teams that will probably change their look in the coming future!

This video is hilarious!

“This C is for Chicago”

Love it! Go Cubs!!


Are you going to a Superbowl or “BIG GAME” party this weekend. Here is a little helpful video for you from Tripp & Tyler

Urban Climbing

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I have done my fair share of rock climbing, but I can’t say that I don’t think I would do this.

NBA Forever

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Like a lot of people, I carry a great deal of skepticism right now towards the NBA. From the lockout that went far too long to the trade block of Chris Paul; it has seemed to move away from a focus on the fans. This is my greatest concern for all pro sports is that they have forgotten the people who pay for the tickets, merchandise, and everything in between that keeps those leagues running. We so quickly forget the people who pay the bills and fill the seats. It often feels like those most dedicated to the cheering on of the games are often forgotten by the ones filling their bank accounts.

But, with all of my own thoughts of this subject (for all sports) aside, there is something magical about looking at the game and its history. This year, this was done with a large amount of class as we got to see what it might look like if old and new played together.

I would have loved to see an image of Jordan dunking over Lebron though! ;)


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As Chicago Bears fans (and Detroit Lions too) prepare for tonights game.. lets just visit a few memorable videos to get us ready as well as what we will hear when they reach the end zone!

Sunday afternoon brought much heartache as my Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers. There were plenty of areas where the Bears struggled but the bad calls by the refs didn’t help the cause. The returned kick off was the most epic of all bad calls. The referees on the field called #21 for holding yet he wasn’t even near another player when the penalty was called.

Everyone was worried about Devin Hester, even to the point of not even knowing where the ball was, they just zero’d in on him and he played it up big! The ball ended up in Johnny Knox hands and he was GONE for the kick off return!


It is truly stunning how bad the call was! Maybe they should have reviews of bad referee calls too!