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Have you ever heard Scott Harrison’s story about Charity Water?

Have you ever sat and thought about how it is that you received the knowledge that you have? Ok yes, school has something to do with it. But what about swinging a hammer and hitting the nail instead of your finger. Throwing a baseball. Kicking a soccer ball. rewiring a home theater system. You have the hands on knowledge because someone showed you how to do it. Some of the experiences can range from basic to advanced.

My dad taught me how to do projects around the house. Even at one point he took me along in the process of working on his truck. We changed the oil. Put on new brake pads. We even went to the extremes of pulling the engine out of that ’78 Chevy Pickup and rebuilding it. I am sure that at some point as a young guy (3rd grade or before) my dad taught me how to throw a football. But I specifically remember the neighbor across the street showing me the fundamentals of how to throw a good spiral; and to lead a receiver.

I can go from item to item that I can do, and the roots are with family and friends who taught me how to do the things that I do. Some of the things I had been taught were instilled into at a young age; and it even lead to a job at Kensington Community Church.

So, why do I say all of this? The other night I was sitting around with some good friends (Seth Stark, Eric Wolfe, and Ryan McCullough) and we talked about taking a journey together to help prepare our kids for the life ahead. We specifically talked about our sons and teaching them what it means to be a man, gentleman, good friend, great husband, wonderful dad, and a man of God. As we did this, we all had the same realization; we are where we are because of family members and other people in our lives. We were taught many things about life and how we should act, interact, and live. While ever scenario wasn’t perfect (and most of them are not), we began to  see that we were pointed in the direction that we are at.

Malcolm Gladwell, writes in Outliers,  about this exact type of situation with a young boy names Alex Williams. His mom always taught him to speak confidently, question people (even if they are in authority) and don’t hold back. There was one story specifically that stuck out to me. As they were in the doctors, Alex’s mom told him to think of questions to ask the doctor. He thought of a few questions and when the doctor began sharing other information, Alex piped in to ask more questions. What his mom was doing was teaching him not to be intimidated by people in a higher level of influence and to be confident in himself. It brought him a level of healthy entitlement that I am sure will greatly impact his future.  (pg 101-108)

This leave us in a place that we are the ones to guide our kids. A duh statement isn’t it. This should be the role of the parent but it often isn’t. It is much easier to change a light switch on my own, but it carries a new level of influence on my son and daughters, when I team them how to do it with me. This weekend I took on such a task and pulled my son along with me as we changed a few light switches and installed 2 new ceiling fans. Every step that I had to take, I had him go with me and I talked through the whole process. He gleamed from ear to ear as he then taught his sisters on how to wire a new light switch and take out the old light. (with the breaker off of course!!)


So, here is where I leave you with a challenge. No matter the age of your kids, teach them something new this week. Teach them what you do, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, and let them journey with you.

If you don’t have kids, find one. Look for a nephew, niece, neighbor, etc.. and you’ll be shocked at what type of impact that makes on them! (and on you)

They will get to where they are going because we will teach them how to…

From me.. I say thank you to my Dad for showing me so much that I know how to do and love! To my grandfathers for showing me how to camp, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. To the Steele Boys from Marquette Heights for showing a 3rd grader how to throw a football. To Keith Hoerr and Jerry Smith, for messing me up as a teenager (in a good way) and leading me to a passion in sound, production, cycling, and investing in youth. Sid & Deb Partridge for being second parents to me and I blame all my GEEKINESS on sid!!! and the list goes on… Love you all and Let’s keep learning!!

Today we can do a lot of our tasks online. We can go grocery shopping. Do our banking. Shop for furniture. Essentially, most tasks in life can be done so without the true human interaction. Even buying a bike. I love “window shopping” online for bikes, but I have to be honest, as I go back to the times of managing a bike shop, I loved the one on one interaction with people to help them find the right bike for them. Nothing can take away the true, genuine human interaction.

718 Cyclery in Brooklyn, New York has found this touch to connect in with people and help them find the perfect bike for their needs. Their approach to open communication as they go through the process is inspiring and we could all learn a bit from them! Check out this video featuring their shop!

The Inverted Bike Shop from Show Love on Vimeo.


This is a great dialog between Tony Romo and Matt Chandler at the Catalyst Conference in Dallas.


You can check out where Matt pastors at .. The Village Church

How To Be Successful

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Here is a little look from Tyler Perry on “How to be successful”


What do you think?

Ditch Resolutions

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We all know resolutions are as good as the paper that they are written on. However you cave into your aspirations, I still think that resolutions are a joke. I would challenge you to ditch the resolutions and set goals. I have set some pretty lofty goals for this year and I plan to hit every single one. Right now I won’t share them publically but those closest to me will know what they are because I want them to hold me accountable.

Here is why I won’t share with you; I am going to ignore criticism. It is so easy to hear it then second guess yourself so I won’t even go there! Each of my goals will elevate my abilities professionally and push me to lead the path. It comes from Jim Collins book Built to Last, but I have set a BEHAG. (Big Harry Audacious Goal).

Raise your glass.. Here is to goals.. Not resolutions!


Using Your Strengths

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“In the minds of great managers, consistent poor performance is not primarily a matter of weakness, stupidity, disobedience, or disrespect. It is a matter of miscasting.”
― Marcus Buckingham


Learn about what your strengths are by taking the StrengthFinders Test




What is your company culture like? Does your culture drive the companies direction and interaction or does something else drive it?

Look at what Tony Hsieh has to say about Zappos company culture. Do you agree or disagree? Would the same philosophy work in your company?

You are always proud of your own kids. The moment that you realize that they are making decisions on their own, you can often feel nervous about the decisions that they are making. We have recently been extremely impressed with our kids and what they are doing. We showed them a video from our church where they are challenging people to spend a little less on ourselves this christmas and take that money to give it to those in need.

We shared this video (see it above) and they made their own decisions on where to send some of the money that would normally be spent on them. We were proud of them for their decisions, but they were not done yet. Our middle daughter set a goal to raise more money than just her Christmas money, but to pull in her friends. She has set the goal to raise $200 to give fresh, clean water to the Pokot people of Kenya.

She is collecting money from her friends who want to help, and when they do, she gives them some duct tape bracelets that she made. It is truly awesome to see people rally around her. Her teacher gave her money today and her principle said that she would be helping out too. And of course, her family is jumping on board, but I’d like to ask you all to help her get to her goal. On the right side of this blog you can see a widget that will give you the chance to give. If you can that is awesome, but if you can’t it isn’t a big deal but I always carry the mentality of “you never know unless you ask”.

Here is the widget as well!

See more about Christmas Revolution


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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain