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Are you going to a Superbowl or “BIG GAME” party this weekend. Here is a little helpful video for you from Tripp & Tyler

A huge thank you to Sarah Evans for posting about this infographic that takes your Twitter profile and gives you a look at who you are. It is funny and humbling all at the same time! For example, I have a 7.24% interesting factor. :) It is pretty funny!

The infographic is brought to you by

Let’s see who you are.

Here I am!


Angelina Jolie steps into a different roll for her latest movie “In The Land of Blood & Honey”  where she serves as writer and director. Below you can find a widget that gives a behind the scenes look at the movie and a chance for you to ask questions to Angelia Jolie during her live Q & A broadcast on January 12th at 8pm EST.

You can watch the movie trailer HERE 

Help Me On The Journey!

Bryan Willmert —  January 6, 2012 — 5 Comments

This weekend has already started off in a couple amazing ways. The first being that on January 6th, it was 50 plus degrees in Detroit today! Secondly, Suburban Collection and Suburban Ford have put the keys to a 2012 Ford Edge into my hands for the weekend. They have done this a couple times with a few people and I am fortunate enough to be one of the people to partake in the #socialtestdrive.

Here is the big question.

We have the weekend in front of us, a great SUV in the driveway, and beautiful weather. So..

Where should I take the car?

Name some great Michigan locations and I will see if we can pull off a trip there and snap some shots; maybe even a video along the way!

Let me here it!!

Being down the road from Nike, Oregon has always had the best uniforms. As the Rose Bowl nears, the uniforms for Oregon have been released and their helmets look as though they were wore during the Terminator (Terminator 2 that is).


And then there was Wisconsin’s uniforms by Adidas.


Your Bag’s Journey

Bryan Willmert —  December 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered where you checked bag goes after it leaves the counter at the airport? The most impressive part of this video to me isn’t the use of 6 cameras in a custom case or the possible partnership with Delta Airlines to pull off such a feat, but rather to learn who did the video.

I love going into these videos blinded by the fact that I had no idea of who created the video. It carries the flair of a 3rd party initiative that took on the task of creating a partnership with the airline. Instead..Major props to Delta for using this medium to promote their mobile app. Great job Delta Airlines!



Why I Love My Church

Bryan Willmert —  December 11, 2011 — 1 Comment

There are many levels of why I love the mission of my church.

There is a focus to take a message that we fully believe in to people who would rather not go to church. So how does that happen? We look at how the Bible directs our life. We grow with others in small group settings by diving into what the Bible says. We aim to impact our community by meeting their life needs. And we haven’t said it like this but much like in Oklahoma says.. we’ll do anything short of sin to grab the attention of people.

This song is the perfect example of how we do this on a consistent basis.

This video was played along side a video that showed movie clips of “revenge”. Why? because we were talking about revenge and how we really want to seek it at times, yet Jesus calls us to carry a different mindset.

Check us out sometime at a local Detroit location or online at

Major Lazer

Bryan Willmert —  December 9, 2011 — 1 Comment

This is amazing on so many levels! Can you think of a better brother/sister combo wielding weapons and dancing?