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Creativity is often replicated in different forms or fashions.

Look at Apple. They used a minimalist design in their advertisements, often with just a product and very little text. This style was replicated time and again. Some replications happen on purpose while others are completely accidental.

I recently saw this happen again with Samsung’s most recent commercial. I doubt that the creators of the Samsung spot saw the commcerical from Hungry Howies. It is fun to see the humor similarities though!


This Hungry Howie’s spot was released in 2010.

Here is the newest Samsung spot!

(Side note. Samsung is a client of our agencies and its fun to watch their work)

What is your favorite feature that they have?

Love the ESPN Commercials

Bryan Willmert —  January 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

This was one of those commercials from ESPN that made ma laugh, even though I was the only one in the room actually laughing. Maybe it was my love of good humor or longtime following of the Muppets!


Nike Hits the NFL

Bryan Willmert —  April 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Did you watch the NFL Draft last night? If you were joining in during the first hour, you would have seen that there were no commercials. This was due to the fact that Nike, GMC, and Bud Light had sponsored the event so they made it a lockdown on commercials all while owning the first 10 min with coverage pointing to them as sponsors and their own commercials.

One particularly stood out to me, Nike.

As you may know, Nike took over the contract for NFL jersey’s this year and are beginning to reshape the look of different teams. Nike had already impacted the landscape of college jersey’s with the ever changing Oregon Ducks. So how does Nike launch into this avenue? With a killer commercial that features some of the lightly changed jerseys and the impact of subtle hints at what is to come.


Be on the lookout for some teams that will probably change their look in the coming future!

The start of any show or movie can set the tone of the entire watching experience. If you have enjoyed great title sequences, then you’ll love this video!


This clip is from the PBS show Off Book. It looks like a great show on the artistic side of movies, print, etc..


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I like it when companies go to big extremes to show off their products. SMART wanted to show off the acceleration of their car so they began to look at how to do this. Why not gather a lot of people and turn your cars into a giant sized video game. Not only any video game but one of the original video games.

Brilliant advertising by SMART.


This was the best video I have seen all day!!

I have yet to be impressed by IE (aka Internet Explorer) but I have to give it to Microsoft for recently adding in some humorous videos! They are confronting the issue/sterotype head on!

Here are a few photos from day one, incase you missed them in other channels. ;)