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Breathe in the masterful work for Bryon Rossi, Seth Stark, and the arts team at Kensington Church


This video is hilarious!

“This C is for Chicago”

Love it! Go Cubs!!


Congrats to Purdue University for blowing out the record for the largest Rube Goldberg Machine!

Can you believe it??

Ron is back!!

This makes me incredibly happy to bring you the joy that I experienced tonight watching this video. Call me sick and twisted but I found such humor in watching people wiping out on a treadmill. I was laughing so hard that it brought me to tears. Some of the people on here deserved to get hurt but either way, it is hysterical!


Lately, I have been looking to replace my 1999 Jeep Cherokee with a new(er) vehicle. I have been searching around various websites and also looking at some of my favorite auto manufacturers. In all this searching, I think I have narrowed it down to one vehicle, the Marauder. Ok, stepping back to reality, it will not happen due to the incredible price tag, but this was sure fun to watch!

This is great!!! The wheel of death will get us all!

A HUGE thank you to Gary Honold at Sandstone Digital for sharing this TED Talk with me. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in here to help you focus on your work productivity, from Jason Fried.



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Some call it flexibility. Some call it evolving. Some just call it annoying. Not matter how you look at it, Google isn’t sitting still. This video is pretty funny as it represents it!

Musical Wheels

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The guys at Ok Go did it again but this time they teamed up with Chevrolet to feature the new Sonic.