Coffee: Fuel for the Day

The morning is received differently by different types of people..

  • Person A (aka morning person).. Pops out of bed and is peppy and ready to go for the day
  • Person B (night owl – no kids) .. pulls themselves out of bed (anytime after the sun is already up and shining)
  • Person C (nightowl – w/ kids) .. Climbs out of bed begrudgingly and doesn’t want to talk for at least 2 hours or until coffee kicks in
  • Person D ( me ) .. gets up after a solid 5-6 hours sleep and is ready to roll but doesn’t want stimulating conversation until coffee is consumed and mind is in the right place.

After reviewing all of that.. 

This morning, as I am drinking my first few sips of coffee, my daughter proceeds to tell me that her teacher told them that an apple in the morning is as good as a cup of coffee.

I have lost faith in our educational system!!


If you know me well enough, you understand that I am kidding.. but her timing was off. We have to work on that! The sentence is better received after 3pm. So with that.. it is time to enjoy my second cup of the day and get to work!



Have you ever heard someone talk about a given subject and you truly wondered if they have climbed into your head to produce their discussion? Today, I noticed that a TED talk did just that.

This TEDx Talk from Emilie Wapnick hits on the struggle that many of us have, we don’t know what one thing we want to be when we grow up.

The thing I have learned greatly over the last year is that I do a job, but I experience other things in my life. These “things” are what I love, and to be really honest, are therapy for me.

So.. what do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be the best in my field but also someone who enjoys creating (cooking, photography, woodworking, etc) and experiencing.

Regardless of what it is that I will do, being a student is CRUCIAL.

To date I have been (since graduation):

  • A retail manager
  • Youth director (at a church)
  • Medical licensing & communications
  • Technical director
  • Creative producer
  • Account person
  • Digital strategist
  • Entrepreneur

It will be interesting what the next 10 years brings about!

Making Time to Maintain

All too often, in the realm of work/business, we do less on our own work because our focus is doing well for our clients, bosses, etc..

Time for a bad gif!



That to be said.. I need to make updates to my site and over the next few weeks you will see some changes happening. Cleaning up the work that I wouldn’t let go through for clients! Stay tuned!

Lindsey Stirling - #asaviorisborn

The Gift In You

I encourage you to take a moment to listen, watch and reflect on everything going on in this video..

From the music, to the story to the actions taken, she is right in so many ways. We fail too often to see our worth except through the eyes that downgrade our worth.

What is your reflection on her message?

Glad Gary Vaynerchuk Agrees!

Have you been checking out Gary Vaynerchuk’s #AskGaryVee podcast/vlog?

He has been sharing some interesting insights. Some of the ideas are new thoughts and others reaffirm what you have already been thinking. Today on my drive home, I was listening to the episode below. Yes. I was LISTENING and not watching. (just to be clear)

Gary shared some insight around QR Codes and why it just won’t work in the U.S. The crux is that marketers ruined it. I add on that it was bad marketers who had a free tool in their grasp and they chinced out on something powerful. We had an opportunity to build great experiences with a quick direction technology that would link brands with customers. Instead, QR codes were used to point to non-mobile optimized websites as well as undefined call-to-actions. If it leaves you shaking your head.. you can feel free to join the club! If only we used it smarter!

Check out what Gary had to say:


Throwback.. My Favorite Memories from SXSW 2014

2014 brought about many great adventures, one of which was fulfilling the bucket list item of attending SXSW.  SXSW is one of the largest festivals that takes place in Austin, Texas every March. It has grown to be a massive event focusing on Film, Interactive and Music.

Each crowd has their own defined personality type and one would say that I was hanging with all of the “nerds.” They are good people and some of the smartest that you would ever meet. It was a great event of learning, networking and discovering.


There were many great sessions that I really enjoyed. I saw a few really good ones around sports marketing, app creation, enhancing the creative process, internet security and much more. Some of my favorites featured Brian Wong, Tim Ferris, Edward Snowden and many others. There are many controversies around Edward Snowden and while I don’t agree with all his actions, I did really enjoy this session. Of course, amid all the controversy, he was only there via video stream.



This is one event for great networking. It was especially one since I was part of a company that had global impact. Many key people from around the world came together in Austin to mingle and learn together. I had worked with many of the team previously, but this was the first time that we really got to spend significant time together. Friendships and enhanced working relationships were enhanced in the time together.


One night, the Detroit team jumped into a car and headed south. Our taste buds took us to Driftwood, Texas to enjoy some well renown BBQ. The food was AMAZING, but one of my favorite memories of that adventure was the pure excitement in our general manager, Andy Schueneman. He had an uncompromising smile that lasted from the parking lot, through dinner and all the way back to Austin.

The discovery together was truly amazing and one of many great times down there.

A final piece that I continue to relive was one that I didn’t get to see in person, but it did take place in my time down there. The Keith Urban iTunes Music Festival concert was incredible. You can check it out here:

wait for it..